How to show and clear DHCP bindings on the LAN Huawei VRP (Versatile routing platform) CLI

This is a quick reference guide for clearing DHCP bindings Huawei VRP CLI.

1. display ip pool

The following command will display all the dhcp bindings depending on how it is configured. It will either be interface or pool name. DHCP can either be configured on the interface or globally.

Cisco equivalent “sh ip dhcp binding

display ip pool interface vlanif21 used

display ip pool name testdhcp used

[Huawei]display ip pool ?
   interface     Information of interface pool
   name          Pool name
   vpn-instance  Show IP pool bind the VPN-instance
   |             Matching output

display ip pool interface vlanif21 used  
   Pool-name      : vlanif21
   Pool-No        : 0
   Lease          : 1 Days 0 Hours 0 Minutes
   Domain-name    : -
   DNS-server0    :         
   DNS-server1    :         
   NBNS-server0   : -               
   Netbios-type   : -               
   Position       : Interface       Status           : Unlocked
   Gateway-0      :   
   Mask           :
   VPN instance   : --
      Start           End     Total  Used  Idle(Expired)  Conflict  Disable   253     1        252(0)         0        0
 Network section : 
 Index              IP               MAC      Lease   Status  
 252    5489-9877-235d      78724   Used

2. Reset ip pool

Cisco equivalent would be “clear ip dhcp binding“.

reset ip pool interface vlanif21 ?
   X.X.X.X   Start IP address
   all       All IP address
   conflict  Conflict IP address
   expired   Expired IP address
   used      Used IP address


By pool name

reset ip pool ?
   interface  Interface pool
   name       Pool name

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