How to install GNS3-Server on Ubuntu 16.04 and connect using OpenVPN

This is a quick reference guide on how to install GNS3-Server on Ubuntu 16.04 using OpenVPN

1. Install GNS3-Server

cd /tmp
curl >
bash --with-openvpn --with-iou --with-i386-repository

2. Download OpenVPN Client configuration and export the file to your OpenVPN client.

You will see once the script has been run you will see that there is a link for the OpenVPN Client configuration.

Paste this into your browser and this will download the file.

Download the VPN configuration here:

3. Import and connect using OpenVPN in Windows 10

Please click on the following link for the guide.

4. Configure your local GNS3 to connect to the remote GNS3-server

The GNS3 server is listening on IP address Once you connected via OpenVPN you will be able to connect to this IP address.

You can check the server configuration in the following file location.

root@gns3-server:/run/gns3# cd /etc/gns3
root@gns3-server:/etc/gns3# ls
gns3_controller.conf  gns3_server.conf
root@gns3-server:/etc/gns3# nano gns3_server.conf

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave any feedback.

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