How to get OpenVPN to work on Windows 10

1. Install OpenVPN on Windows 10

1.1 Download and Install an older version of OpenVPN

When you install this you will be prompted to install a TAP driver which is version 9.Once installed we can update to the latest version of OpenVPN

1.2 Install later Version

Once the old version of OpenVPN is installed, install the version above.

1.3 Update the TAP drivers manually

1.3.1 Open device manager and right click TAP Windows Adapter and select update.

1.3.2 Select browse my computer for driver software

1.3.3 Point to the folder where you have saved the drivers. AMD64 for 64 bit and i386 for 32 bit.

2. Run OpenVPN GUI as administrator.

This will give you the OpenVPN icon in your windows tray. Right click the icon and click import. Before you do this you will need to download the client config from the VPN Server.

3. Download Client VPN Configuration from your VPN server.

4. Import file for client configuration.

4.1. Right click on the OpenVPN in your system tray as per screen shot above in point 2.

4.3. Click import file and select file from download location.

5. Connect to your VPN.

5.1 Right click the OpenVPN tray icon and click connect.

5.2 Enter user credentials.

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Simply click on the screen shot below to find out more or navigate to

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave any feedback.

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