New easy to use PiggyBank Cloud

To make Piggybank Cloud more feature rich and easier to use we have combined the VDC (Virtual Data Centre) portal with the customer portal. This means that you control every aspect of your cloud from one place. 


Anything from creating, launching, accessing your Virtual Machine or firewall to billing and checking usage is now done from your Cloud Portal.

These are some of the features, all at a really low price and on pay as you go terms:

Virtual Machine Management

Choose from Popular Linux OS’s like Ubuntu, Debian and Centos.

Launch your Virtual Machine and be connected within minutes to the internet.

You can assign interfaces to your Virtual Machines (Public / Private IP or connect it to your Virtual Firewall)

You can edit and assign resource to your Virtual Machines as you need it.

Firewall Management

Have full control over your Cloud Infrastructure by deploying a Virtual Firewall. The Firewalls are charged in the same manner as the Virtual Machines which means you only pay for the resource that the firewall uses.

Pay As You Go

Piggybank Cloud is a really affordable Pay as you Go Cloud Solution.

Bill management

Keep track of your balance and your Cloud usage, you only pay for what you use.

Track all of your Virtual Machine usage from easy to read charts and tables.

Remote Access

Connect to your cloud with minimal effort.


Our ticketing system is integrated into your portal meaning it is easy to get help if you need it.

Contact us

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