How to deploy WordPress using Piggybank Cloud – (Website and Blog creation made easy)

Hi all,

If you are looking to host your own Website or Blog page using WordPress on your own Cloud server. Piggybank Cloud gives you the means to do so in just a few steps.

This is just a guide for easy deployment of the WordPress Application.

Step 1.  Create WordPress Virtual Machine. 

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Step 1.1 Select WordPress-KVM 



Step 1.2 Allocate resource CPU, RAM and Storage to your Virtual Machine

You can allocate as little or as much resource as you need.


Step 1.3  Create a root password for the Server. WP_2.PNG

Step 1.4 Select your Public IP address (or Private)


Step 1.5 Click Create

This will create the VM with your selected resource, root password, and Public IP address.

Step 2. Browse to your Public IP address and Follow WordPress Installation Wizard

Enter your selected IP address into your web browser. This will bring you to the Word Press Installation Wizard.

Step 2.1 Select your preferred language


Step 2.2 Enter site details and login credentials 



Step 3. Login into your WordPress Site 


Thank you for reading – please feel free to leave a comment.